Cyber (CYB)

An image of hands showcasing cyber icons over a laptop.

Cyber (CYB)

Due to the increased reliance on digital data and the pending inception of the Protection of Personal Information Act, as well as the increased media coverage of high profile attacks, the need for Cyber Insurance is on the rise. It covers the risk of financial loss, disruption or damage to reputation to an organization from failure of its information technology system including:

  • Cyber Liability
  • Data Breach Expense
  • Computer System Damage, Data Restoration Cost, Extra Cost and Business Interruption

The Cyber Cover is a product that has specifically been designed to meet the requirements of the SME market. Cover is provided on a limits basis of R 500 000.00, R 1 000 000.00 and R 2 000 000.00 for a set premium for each limit. Cover in excess of R 2 000 000.00 is available upon request. In addition to the standard cover provided, Consorts Cyber Insurance provides for the following additional covers:

  • Avoiding Corruption
  • Security Audit
  • Investigation Costs
  • Loss Prevention Measures
  • Temporary Fast Track Repairs
  • Accountant Fees