Over 200 collective years of professional Construction and Engineering Insurance experience


Comprehensive Energy Insurance, Contractors All Risks, Electronic Equipment, and Plant All Risks and the traditional portfolio of Engineering Insurance products that the industry has come to trust from Consort.

Comprehensive Energy (CEI) Insurance

Works (CW) Insurance

Electronic Equipment (EE) Insurance

All Risks (PAR) Insurance

Trusted Engineering Insurance


South Africa’s future depends on construction, continuous development, and infrastructure improvement. All whilst building a more prosperous economy for its people.

For over 20 years, with our collective expertise spanning over 2 centuries, Consort has been an integral part of the development of our country and continent.

From mega to mini construction projects, Consort is equipped with the technical engineering capabilities and knowledge to assist in these environments.


We underwrite all classes of Engineering Insurance on behalf of Lombard Insurance Company Limited. Over and above the obvious synergies between the Lombard construction guarantee business & our business. Their support to us in terms of growing our business has been invaluable.


Every month Consort publishes a campaign around relevant topics in which we aim to create understanding around the engineering insurance space in which we operate in. We also participate in publications that are advertised by third-party players.

The ‘magic’ of insurance

The ‘magic’ of insurance

Whether a natural or legal entity, we are all subject to risk. Sometimes with unpleasant consequences. Often, people take risks deliberately with the intention to make a profit. It is sensible to take the necessary precautions considering the financial consequences of such risk(s). The simplest...

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Context to fire and elemental perils

Context to fire and elemental perils

On September 2nd, 1666, a fire broke out in Pudding Lane, London close to where the monument now stands. When this memorable fire had run its course some days later, more than 174 hectares of the City of London lay littered with debris and smoking ruins. Citizens were faced with a loss exceeding...

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