CONTRACT WORKS (CW) INSURANCE incorporating Contractors All Risks (CAR) Erection All Risks (EAR)

(Annually Renewable Policies & Specific / One-off Policies)


If you are the Employer (Principal), the Contractor and / or the Sub-Contractor, the Contract Works (otherwise known as the project or contract) needs to be insured. There is no better alternative than Consort Technical Underwriters to insure your planned development, building, structure, manufacturing or production line. Our Contractors All Risks (CAR) / Erection All Risks (EAR) Insurance product is tailor made to accommodate construction contracts, big or small. Not only do we provide cover for the Contract Works, but we also cover the Construction Industry Public Liability associated with the project.

In summary, the Contract Works (CW) Insurance policy is set up in such a way as to afford as much protection to the Insured Employer (Principal), Contractor or Sub-Contractor from the time that the contract commences until it reaches Practical Completion and handover to the respective party. The insurance policy will be tailor made around the nature and scope of the works but it is critically important that the Insurer / Underwriter has all the details and disclosures to enable the Insurer / Underwriter to assess the full extent of the potential exposure and to then underwriter the risk accordingly. Failure to present all information and disclosure could result in a gap in the policy or the client forfeiting their protection against physical loss, damage or liability occurring on or about the contract site.

Contractors All Risks (CAR) Insurance

Contractors All Risks (CAR) Insurance is designed to accommodate the construction process of buildings, roads, viaducts, bridges, railway lines, dwellings, trenches and generally speaking developments using brick and mortar in the process of the building contract.

Erection All Risks (EAR) Insurance

Erection All Risks (EAR) Insurance is designed to accommodate mechanical contracts including (but not limited to) factory production lines, plant and machinery, transit erection and dismantling risks, towers, and the like.



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