Consort has developed fully integrated insurance products to accommodate the rapidly advancing Renewable Energy sector.

Our Comprehensive Energy Insurance facility is designed and focused around the commercial and industrial installations, but we also are proud to offer Lloyds accredited Utility Scale installations and projects to comply with Lenders requirements (S&P A Rated status).

Both facilities provide the “Cradle to Grave” concept. Our team of highly experienced underwriters have a wealth of knowledge and skills in this specialized field of technology have “re-positioned” themselves as one of the leaders in this highly complex field of insurance.

The Age of Renewable Energy is here for today, tomorrow and the future. The need for expertise in this sector is critical and behind our Intermediaries and / Financial Service Providers, we have positioned ourselves to drive these products and services with utmost confidence that our products are among some of the best available in the insurance industry.


Marine Cargo

  • Covers imports and exports of Parts and Materials from origin to destination.

Marine Cargo DSU

  • Covers interruption and / or a delay in start-up following indemnifiable loss or damage occurring during the marine leg.

Contract Works Insurance

  • Covers the Contract Works at the contract site against loss of or damage to the Property Insured.

Contract Works Insurance DSU

    • Covers interruption and / or a delay in start-up following indemnifiable loss or damage under the corresponding Contract Works policy.

Operational All Risks

  • Covers the completed Contract Works (i.e. cover applies to the first 12 months of operations post hand-over) for the full asset value including mechanical and electrical breakdown.

Operational Business Interruption

  • Can apply to both Operational and Maintenance Contracts where equipment is leased to owner or payment is by means of tariff charge or alternatively where the employer has assumed ownership and incurs increased costs due to a breakdown or damage.

Broadform Public Liability

  • Covers compensation to Third Parties for death, or bodily injury or damage to tangible property arising as a result of an accident during the construction period or a negligent act or ommission.



Tier 1 – Small Scale

MWp Range 0.1 MWp to 1.00 MWp

Tier 2 – Typically Commercial

MWp Range 1.00 MWp to 7.50 MWp

Tier 3 – Utility Scale / REIPP Size Projects

MWp Range 7.50 MWP to 150 MWp


Underwritten by Consort Technical Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd in conjunction with Horizon Marine Underwriters (Pty) Ltd (FSP No 6354) and Leppard & Associated (Pty) Ltd (FSP No 274).

All for an on behalf of Lombard Insurance Company Limited.