The sun is still shining

by | Sep 6, 2022


Despite urban air pollution affecting the passage of daylight, not even the smog of London can stop the sun caressing the solar panels across Blackfriars Railway Bridge on a bright sunny day.

Achievement of modern science

One of the achievements of modern science is the ability to harness solar power. Solar technology converts sunlight into electrical energy, either through photovoltaic panels or through mirrors that concentrate solar radiation. The application can be as little as one solar panel warming water, to a farm of panels providing energy to a community of customers connected to the grid. 

Leaders in the Engineering Insurance Industry

Harnessing and distributing solar energy has brought about changes in the insurance industry. As leaders in the Engineering Insurance Industry, Consort has embarked on providing solutions to the challenges facing the renewable energy insurance market. Following intensive research and design, Consort has produced the Comprehensive Energy Insurance Policy.

Comprehensive Energy Insurance Policy

Not only does Consort’s policy cater for the traditional material damage cover, this “Cradle to Grave” policy also provides insurance for any material leaving the manufacturer right through to the operational phase — and the policy is adaptable and can be amended to cater for any specific need.

Any material damage to the property insured, starting its journey at the factory of origin through to the construction phase, should be indemnified. Thereafter the insurance will continue during the operational stage, be it accidental damage, or a mechanical or electrical breakdown.   

Protecting a substantial capital investment

A solar farm may require a substantial capital outlay. Investors are looking for a return on their investment as soon as possible, and any major physical loss or damage may cause a delay in their expected return. To protect the lenders, Delay in Start-up Insurance forms part of the insurance package. Once the project is complete and in production, Business Interruption Insurance will continue to provide peace of mind in ensuring a return on the investment.

Accidental events come at a cost

Accidents do happen even under the most stringent rules and regulations. To cater for the unforeseen mishaps, Consort has made provision for Construction Industry Public Liability in the policy structure, to indemnify the insured against accidental events which may cause damage or injury to third parties, including any legal costs incurred.

Plug into the sun

Whilst we rely on the sun to rise every day for centuries to come, we are dependent on man and his resources to harvest the energy the sun has to offer.

Consort’s Comprehensive Energy Insurance Policy can help to ensure that the energy from the sun reaches your residence and existence. 

No matter the situation, solar energy is worth the investment for protecting the environment and reducing your carbon footprint.